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MADE IN ILLINOIS: Augustana journalism students become news literacy educators


Brady Johnson and Olivia Doak, co-editors-in-chief of the Augustana Observer, are shown in the student newspaper's office.

Duo practices compassion, restraint in battle against misinformation

For Illinois Press Association

ROCK ISLAND – While the co-editors-in-chief of the Augustana Observer began their education as freshmen with a course in news literacy, this past year has been particularly enlightening.

Senior Brady Johnson and junior Olivia Doak have learned to read laterally, vet sources, and have picked their battles with friends, family and strangers who have spread misinformation.

So it’s troubling to them when veteran journalists, albeit long removed from a college course in news literacy, have failed to debunk misinformation, and even spread it however consciously.

“It can be frustrating when you know all these things, and others don’t, people who’ve been around a lot longer than we have,” said Doak, a double-major in multimedia journalism and mass communication, and communication studies. “We talked about misinformation in class, and it really changed the way I looked at information. It changed the way I was writing and made me aware of any bias in my writing.”

Getting others to be self-critical? That’s far trickier, especially when family members spread misinformation.

Johnson said when he confronts anyone questioning proven facts, he comes prepared with his own research and articles from reputable outlets such as NPR and PBS.

“Hopefully I don’t come across as someone who’s trying to prove them wrong,” Johnson said, adding that he often points out accuracies within others’ viewpoints, as something of an olive branch. “I try to be welcoming and try to find something that they’re saying that’s right.”

Doak said it’s important to be aware that there’s only so much time in a day, and so much energy to confront everyone spreading false information.

And in many cases, you have to pick your battles and weed out the ones that can’t be won.

“Usually people who are sharing those kinds of things aren’t going to listen to you,” she said. “I know some people will just attack me. So I usually just ignore it, but it depends on the person. If I know them well, I’ve sent something before.”

Fighting the good fight as a college newsroom has been particularly challenging during the pandemic. In spring 2020, Augustana College froze funds for student jobs for about a month, and then for some time the Observer was on a rotation during which only a couple of employees were paid at a time.

Historically, the Observer has had about 40 staffers in total. Now it has a bit more than 20, and it’s been an adventure keeping tabs on them since Johnson and Doak became editors-in-chief in the fall. A few staffers have contracted COVID-19, and many have been quarantined when a housemate has gotten sick.

“It’s been super-difficult,” Doak said. “A lot of staff I haven’t met face-to-face, and I wouldn’t probably recognize them if I saw them around campus. So that’s strange.”

Johnson, who said he’s wanted to be a journalist since the seventh grade, when the nightly news and morning shows were always on in his home, said one way he’d like to attack misinformation is through human interest stories.

“Those stories show the best of people, while also addressing big issues,” he said.

Doak echoed her passion for issue-driven features, and admitted that the daily grind of exclusively hard news might not be for her in the long haul.

Both she and Johnson are well aware of the shift toward the gig economy, but Johnson is hopeful he can land a job in a traditional newsroom. In fact, he said he’s looking at opportunities in bigger markets, where many large newspaper groups have cut loose long-tenured employees and their salaries that dwarf those of newcomers.

“I might be more lucky finding a job entering,” he said.

Johnson grew up in Peoria and was an intern at the Journal Star in summer 2018.

“Most of the staff was gone, so I was aware of the landscape,” he said. “I’d like a job that can just keep an apartment.”

But first, he, Doak, and their team have a monumental project to bring home: the Observer’s first magazine, which will center on social justice. They hope to print about 800 copies. After the pandemic forced the Observer to shift from printing weekly to occasionally, to see the magazines in people’s hands as they’re read on campus will be something to behold.

“Oh my gosh, I’ll be so happy,” Doak said. “I prefer having something in front of me. I prefer seeing everything laid out. Last year, whenever I saw somebody reading our issues, I’d get so excited. People don’t take
the time to read the news in general. To see them actually sitting down and reading something
makes me so happy.”

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Press Releases


Illinois Principals Association to host
education leaders conference in October

Oct. 18, 2021
Media Contact: Alison Maley, government & public relations director


SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Principals Association will host its 50th annual Education Leaders Fall Conference and Exhibition, “A Legacy of Leaders,” Oct. 24-26, 2021, in Peoria. The annual conference provides an opportunity for principals and other administrators to learn from leaders in the education field and participate in sessions to better serve their schools.

“I am excited about the opportunity to bring school leaders together to celebrate 50 years of IPA, said Dr. Marcus Belin, IPA president and principal of Huntley High School in Huntley. “As leaders, we must continue to grow our craft in school leadership. In a time in which we are living and leading schools, we need the support of each other now more than ever. This conference will be the most epic celebration in the 50 years of the association.”

The Educational Leaders conference will begin Sunday with a golf tournament at Weaver Ridge Golf Club. The IPA Board of Directors, IPA Congress, and Legislative, Diversity & Equity, and Membership Committees will meet Sunday afternoon. The first day concludes with a welcome reception at Venue Chisca in Peoria, sponsored by Association Member Benefits Advisors. The reception will honor IPA past presidents.

The conference will include presentations from keynote speakers Gerry Brooks, Illinois State Superintendent Dr. Carmen Ayala, and Luis Cruz. Small group sessions at the conference include timely topics such as: building teacher resilience, virtual program planning, family engagement, educational equity, and legislative and legal updates.

The first general session on Monday morning will feature Gerry Brooks, principal at an elementary school in Lexington, Kentucky. Brooks’ 500,000-plus following on social media has developed through humorous videos that focus on real-world educational experiences. An encouraging speaker, he desires to help administrators focus on how to lead all staff in a positive and constructive manner. Brooks will present his keynote, “Personal Climate and Culture - The Choice is Yours” Monday morning, followed by a breakout session entitled “Building Community Through Your Own Personal Actions.”

Speakers at the second general session on Monday afternoon include Dr. Carmen Ayala, Illinois state superintendent of schools, and Dr. Marcus Belin, IPA president. IPA Principal of the Year awards, the Reaching Out & Building Bridges Award, and the Mr. John Ourth & Dr. Fred W. Singleton Professional Development Scholarships will also be presented at this session.

Monday evening’s reception, “A Golden Gala,” will take place at the Marriott Pere Marquette ballroom and is sponsored by Clubs Choice Fundraising. The event will recognize the Illinois Principals Association’s 50th Anniversary.

Luis Cruz will begin the conference Tuesday morning with his presentation, “Embracing our Role as Transformational Leaders: Why in 2021 and Beyond Leadership in Schools Can No Longer Be a Solo Act,” followed by a breakout session on understanding faculty and staff. Cruz is a former principal of Baldwin Park High School, located east of Los Angeles, and has been a teacher and administrator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Dr. Cruz regularly presents on methods from the best-selling book "Transforming School Culture" by Anthony Muhammad.

The conference will conclude on Tuesday with the popular IGNITE session. This innovative, fast-paced session provides a unique way to hear from dynamic speakers who will inspire fellow leaders. Presenters include the following Illinois school leaders:

* Jennifer Lindsay, superintendent, North Pekin Marquette Heights 102
* Tommy Colboth, principal, Washington Elementary School, Marion
* Sara Kash, assistant principal, Liberty School, Orland Park
* Joi Wills, principal, Fulton Jr. High School, O'Fallon
* Andy Stumpf, principal, Winchester Elementary School, Winchester
* Sonia Ruiz, principal, Lincoln Middle School, Berwyn
* Courtney Marks, assistant principal, Bloomington High School, Bloomington
* Jeff Prickett, principal, McHenry East High School, McHenry

For more information about the IPA or to register to attend, please visit www.ilprincipals.org.

The Illinois Principals Association is a leadership organization which serves over 6,100 educational leaders throughout the state of Illinois and whose mission is to develop, support, and advocate for innovative educational leaders.

# # #


Associated Builders and Contractors of Illinois highlights diversity strategies during Construction Inclusion Week

Oct. 13, 2021
Media Contact: Alicia Martin, president of ABC Illinois


SPRINGFIELD — ABC Illinois today announced how its members are creating the right  conditions to embrace an inclusive and diverse workforce during Construction Inclusion Week, Oct. 18-22.   

In 2017, ABC Illinois established the Community Builders Program, which gives people from diverse backgrounds who face employment barriers the chance to learn a trade and begin a career in construction. The program upskills directly in the communities where participants live, taking a holistic approach to teaching a skill, providing career mentoring, and helping with job placement. By bringing free craft education to over 200 individuals who have faced barriers to employment, ABC Illinois is expanding the talent pipeline and rehabilitating disadvantaged communities, families, and career-seekers.  
“The diversity of ABC Illinois helps drive business growth and profitability, and the Community Builders Program is based on our belief that inclusivity, diversity and equity will change the way we fill construction jobs here in our state,” said Alicia Martin, President of ABC Illinois. “We are breaking down the barriers that hold some people back based on factors that have nothing to do with their abilities and desires. The merit shop philosophy aligns with the principles of inclusion, diversity and equity, ensuring every individual has a chance to succeed.”  
“Construction Inclusion Week is an invitation to every member of the 7.4 million-strong construction work forces to unite to advance inclusion, diversity and equity,” said ABC Director of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Tia Perry. “Achieving an inclusive, equitable and culturally competent workforce that is welcoming to all people is the essence of the merit shop philosophy. ABC Illinois is creating the conditions that appeal to an inclusive workforce.”  
ABC’s diversity outreach is led by the association’s Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee on which both Martin and Perry serve. The committee was established in 1999 as a key component of ABC’s value proposition to develop people, win work and deliver work safely, ethically, and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they work. Visit diversity.abc.org to learn about ABC’s IDE strategy.
About Construction Inclusion Week: Construction Inclusion Week harnesses the collective power of the construction industry to build awareness regarding the need to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry. For more information, visit constructioninclusionweek.com.

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Illinois Principals Association encourages principal appreciation in October

Sept. 30, 2021
Media Contact: Alison Maley, Government and Public Relations Director


SPRINGFIELD — Lifetouch and the Illinois Principals Association (IPA) encourage all communities in Illinois to celebrate Principal Appreciation Week October 24-30, 2021, and Principal Appreciation Day on Friday, October 29, 2021. This state-endorsed recognition was first approved by the Governor of Illinois in 1990 and is celebrated annually. The IPA also joins the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), and the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA) to recognize October as National Principals Month.

Principal Appreciation Day provides learning communities an opportunity to publicly recognize the work, commitment and importance of principals, assistant principals, and deans throughout the state. Lifetouch and the IPA invite all teachers, students, parents, and community members to perform some act of appreciation on Friday, October 29th to acknowledge the leadership of building administrators in Illinois’ public and private schools.

“In these challenging times, school leaders are faced with extraordinary decisions that affect the lives of those under their care,” said Dr. Marcus Belin, IPA President and Principal of Huntley High School, Huntley, IL. “The purpose and value school leaders bring to the field of education is immeasurable. What I value most is their relentless determination to move education forward and to serve their communities in a meaningful way. Let us take a moment to recognize the hard work that principals give, day in and day out.”

The 2021-2022 school year also marks the 50th anniversary of the Illinois Principals Association. Initial conversations to create a statewide principals association began in 1966 and members formally ratified the organization in the Fall of 1971. The IPA was formed when the Illinois Elementary School Principals Association (IESPA), the Illinois Junior High School Principals Association (IJHSPA), and the Illinois Secondary School Principals Association (ISSPA) joined into one organization. The IPA has long been recognized by the National Association of Elementary School Principals, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and other state and national agencies and organizations as one of the premier principals’ groups in the nation due to its large, diverse membership, legislative and policy initiatives, service to members and especially for the quality and range of its professional learning programs.

“School leadership matters, especially right now,” said Dr. Jason Leahy, IPA Executive Director. “As a former principal and having visited dozens of schools throughout Illinois, the quality of a school’s learning environment and the ability of a school to do what is best for its students comes as a direct result of the leadership provided by the school’s principal and leadership team. Courageous leadership is essential to equitably educate students and work to provide the resources and support they need to reach their potential. It is important that we recognize and encourage our schools’ leaders every day. The pandemic has heightened the need for us to intentionally share appreciation for those who do so much for our State’s young people.”

Lifetouch is proud to be the official school photographer for the National Association of Elementary School Principals. Lifetouch is honored to support local members of the Illinois Principals Association in recognition of “Principal’s Appreciation Day.” Lifetouch is excited to have joined forces with Shutterfly to bring together two industry leaders who share a common purpose – to share life’s joy through capturing and preserving memories with the click of a camera. While we continue to deliver the quality photography and service you expect from Lifetouch, we are creating a new, innovative experience that will allow you to do more with your photos than ever before. As a part of our mission to help you share your memories, Lifetouch and Shutterfly are truly better together! Learn more at: https://schools.lifetouch.com/shutterfly/

The Illinois Principals Association is a leadership organization which serves over 6,000 educational leaders throughout the state of Illinois and whose mission is to develop, support, and advocate for innovative educational leaders. For more information about the IPA, please visit www.ilprincipals.org

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Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau
hires new tourism manager

Aug. 16, 2021
Media Contact: Scott Dahl
217-789-2360, ext. 5531


SPRINGFIELD — The Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau announces the hiring of a new Tourism Manager to lead the Springfield Visitors Center and tourism efforts for the City of Springfield.  

Sarah Waggoner will assume the position, held by Jeff Berg who has been with the SCVB for nearly two decades, beginning on Monday, Aug. 23, 2021. Sarah brings an extensive résumé of tourism experience, most recently as tourism coordinator for the City of Litchfield. Most notably, she developed and oversaw the Litchfield Pickers Market, including coordination of the market, social media and marketing efforts. Additionally, her responsibilities included budget management, website functions and developing overall marketing strategies for the City of Litchfield tourism effort.
As tourism manager for Visit Springfield, Sarah will be tasked with managing the Visitors Center, serving as liaison to state and federal historical sites and institutions as well as all programming and scheduling for the History Comes Alive summer program, in its 13th year in 2022.  

About Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau
The Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) is the official destination marketing organization for the City of Springfield, Illinois. As a department of the City of Springfield, the SCVB markets the capital city as a unique convention, meeting and leisure destination in support of our City, our community and our hospitality partners.scott.dahl@springfield.il.us

# # #

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Scott Dahl, please call 217-789-2360, ext. 5531; 217-341-9802 or e-mail scott.dahl@springfield.il.us



Warbirds over Greenville, Illinois

Aug. 16, 2021
Craig Baumberger, member, Greenville Pilots Association

Airstravaganza 2021 will be held at the Greenville Illinois Airport on Oct. 9-10. The main attraction will be a visit by the Mitchell B-25 bomber and the Grumman TBM (torpedo bomber) of the Missouri wing of the Commemorative Air Force based at St Charles, Missouri. These aircraft will be on static display on Saturday, Oct. 9, and will be available for rides on Sunday, Oct. 10. This is a rare opportunity for the general public to purchase a trip aboard the B-25, the bomber that flew from the USS Hornet in 1942 to deliver the first retaliatory blow against the Japanese in World War II. Rides will also be available in the TBM, the largest single-engine military aircraft in World War II and the same type flown by President George H.W. Bush in the Pacific. This is a great opportunity to get a look up close at an important part of our military history.

Rides in the B-25 will cost $395. Five people at a time will ride, with the opportunity to move around the aircraft while in flight and check out the cockpit, bombardiers station, and the cramped quarters in the fuselage. TBM rides will cost $895. There will be a limited number of rides available, so they should be booked in advance. In addition to the warbirds, Waco biplane rides will be available if booked in advance. Cessna and helicopter rides will be available on Saturday, Oct. 9

For info and to reserve a flight, contact Kevin Blaney at 618-520-5362 or kfblaney@gmail.com. Mention "warbirds."

The event is supported by the Greenville Airport Authority and conducted by the Greenville Pilots Association/EAA Chapter 1382. For info or to volunteer, call Craig Baumberger at 618-322-3532 or the Greenville Airport at 618-664-0926. Also, check it out on Facebook or contact gaa@gmail.com. Greenville Airport is located approximately 5 miles south of Greenville on Illinois Route 127 at 1574 Sky Lane, Greenville.

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