"Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a

government without newspapers

or newspapers without government,

I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter."


Thomas Jefferson


A Brief History of the IPA

The IPA was founded in 1865 as an organization for Illinois publishers. It has evolved into one of the largest state newspaper associations in the country representing more than 375 daily and weekly newspapers.

The IPA has evolved from a fraternal organization to one whose agenda now focuses on a wide array of legislative, business, advertising, educational and legal services.  The IPA is governed by a board of directors of 12 newspaper executives representing an equal number of weekly and daily newspapers from regional districts.

The Board of Directors determines the legislative and business practices that are carried out by the IPA’s full-time staff.

More than 375 newspapers are members of the Illinois Press Association, making it one of the largest state press organization in the country. The IPA continues to provide professional education, government access and newspaper advertising promotion to members. They also provide assistance for Newspapers in Education and literacy programs, education and promotion of the First Amendment, information on evolving technology and new media, and "hot button" seminars.